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35640 Woodyard Road, Willards, Maryland

Email:  ruth@prauctions.com

Real Estate:  1,430 Sq Ft Home with three bedrooms, one bath, livingroom, family room and attached 294 sq ft. garage.  The home was built in 1968.  The home has oil heat with vinyl siding.  The property also has a nice woodworking shop, three section shed, boat storage area and garden storage building on a 1.820 acre lot.

 Vehicle & Agriculture:  2008 Toyota Camry LE 21,184 Miles, Southern 5x10 Trailer, John Deere Mower, John Deere Yard Cart, Corn Sheller, Iron Age Drill, 2 Row Cultivator with Fertilizer, Ford 3 Pt Scoop, Work Saver 3 Pt PTO Mixer, 6’ Rotary Poor Condition, Walk Behind Plow, 5 Row Shank Cultivator, JD 4 Row 1240 Planter

 Guns & Hunting:  Colt Automatic Cal 32 Rimless, Ruger 22 Cal Automatic Pistol, Winchester 1300 Pump 20 Ga Lightwood IMC, Jap Military Converted, Remington 1148 12 Ga w/ Poly, Ithaca 20 Ga M66, Crossman Pellet Gun, 22 Cal Bolt Poor, Several Duck Paintings by Eloise Cropper, Kevin McBride Print,  Quantity of 12 Ga & 20 Ga Shells, Hunting Books:  Ducks of World, Gunning the Chesapeake, Trapping, Knight and Hale Goose Call, Fishing Nets, Crab Pots, Box Traps, Fish Traps, Mole Traps

Decoys:  Miles Hancock Goose With Puppy Damage, Canvasback Odd Replaced Head, Very Early Owl Decoy, Old Black Duck Original Tack Eye, 1/2 Size Brent By Dorsey Hickman, Half Size Brent By Dorsey Hickman, Old Virginia Merganser, Pair Miniature Red Head Drake & Female, Mallard Dorsey Hickman, Old Factory Made Decoy, Old Body With JB Body, Old Blue Bill Body, Squirrel With Glass Eyes

 Woodworking Tools:  Table Saw, Floor Drill Press, Craftsman Radial Arm, Large Quantity of Wrenches, Drills & Small Power Tools, Rasp Files, Crimps, Miter Saw, Cut Off Saws, Belt Sander, Rakes, Hoes, Shovels, Craftsman Welder, Air Compressor, 8 HP Generator

 Collectibles & Furniture:  Worcester Fertilizer Clip Board with 3 Digit Phone Number, 4 Pc Bedroom Suite Canopy Bed Dresser & Night Stand, Electric Lift Recliner, Chest Dresser, Victorian Lamp, Oak Stand, Breakfront, Pine Table & 4 Chairs, Large Collection American Fostoria Including Pitchers, Vases, Goblets, Serving Bowls, Cutglass Sugar Bowl, Milk Glass Grapevine Pattern Pitchers, Coffee Cups & Saucers, R Murphy Ayer Mass Crabpick Knives, Baltimore Stationery Co ruler, W Holland Ice Co Icepick, Seth Thomas Gold Plated Pocket Watch, Collection Antique Bottles The Baltimore Brewing Co-JH Tucker Atlantic City NJ-Dover #80 Cambridge Mass, Bell Jars, Vinegar, Flasks, Antique Milkcans, Oyster Tongs, Saltglaze Whiskey Jugs, #2 Crown Crock, Wooden Pepsi Cola Crate

Coins: Lincoln Head Cent Collection Number One, Lincoln Head Cent Collection Number Two, 1878 Indian Head Penny VF Condition, 2 Cent Piece, 9 Standing Liberty Quarters, 18 Indian Head Pennies, 15 Mercury Dimes, 4 Peace Dollars, 273 Silver Quarters, 43 Silver Half Dollars, 50 Silver Dimes, 45 Clad Half Dollars, 22 Sacajawea & Presidential Dollars, 3 Eisenhower Dollars, 2 Dollar Bill, 4 Pre 1955 Nickels, 1881 3 Cent Piece, 1904 Barber Quarter, 2 Morgan Silver Dollars, 3 Barber Dimes, 88 One Dollar Silver Certificates

REAL ESTATE TERMS:    6% Buyer’s Premium.  $5,000 Down Payment Due on day of Sale.  Down Payments must be Cash Certified Check or Cashier’s Check or check acceptable by the undersigned, with a balance to be paid within 60 days.    Time is of the essence.  Credit portion to bear interest at the rate of 0% per annum from the date of sale to date of settlement, and to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned, or to pay the full purchase price at the time of sale, at the option of the purchaser. If not settled within 60 days, interest will be charged at the rate of 15% per annum from the date of sale until the date of settlement.  The seller, at their discretion for good cause shown, may extend the interest free period to 75 days from sale date.  In the event settlement does not occur before 75 days, the down payment shall be considered forfeited and the property will be resold at the expense and risk of the purchaser. The resale of the property does not limit the seller to further avail themselves of any additional legal or equitable remedies resulting from the failure to consummate the purchase. The seller has the right to extend settlement date at their own discretion. Time is of the essence. State and County and municipal taxes and assessments to be adjusted as of the date of the sale.  All Title papers, documentary stamps, recording costs and any and all other costs which shall be deemed necessary to transfer the title of the property and put the deed on record shall be at the expense of the purchaser.  The purchaser assumes the payment of the Maryland Agricultural transfer tax, if any. If a survey or ALTRA survey is required for the buyer to go to settlement or obtain title insurance it shall be at the buyers expense and the buyer shall be required to go to settlement within the previously stated time frame.  The seller will convey good and marketable title or such title as can be insured by a title insurance company licensed in the State of Maryland.  In the event a good & marketable title or special insured title cannot be delivered the seller(s) shall have 90 days from date of notification from buyer to correct the flaw. If the flaw is not corrected the only recourse of the purchaser shall be the return of the down payment and the seller and the auctioneer shall be held harmless.   This property is being sold in “AS IS” condition. Neither the sellers nor the Auctioneer shall accept any responsibility for any Municipal, State or Federal Environmental Violations, to our knowledge none exist at this time. The Seller makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever regarding the physical condition, physical description or suitability for a particular or general purpose, either expressed or implied. This property may contain lead paint.  Purchaser may conduct a lead paint test at their expense prior to the sale.  The Seller may reject any and all bids, however, it is the intent of the Seller to sell said property. The auctioneer reserves the right to deny a specific individual or group the right to bid.  All information in this ad has been obtained from sources deemed to be reliable.  However, neither the sellers nor the auctioneer accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies.  

 The Buyer will be required to sign a contract of sale.  The amount of the contract shall be for the bid price plus the buyer’s premium.  This amount will become the purchase price.  The buyer shall also be required to sign a confessed judgment note for the amount of the purchase price less the down payment.  The contract and note shall be signed personally by the Buyer, unless the Seller and Auctioneer agree to a different arrangement prior to the sale.  The Buyer may sign the contract note personally as well as Corporately, LLC or Partners.  Each entity shall be responsible for full amount of debt.  Purchasers may reassign contract, reassignment does not release them from liability.                             



6% Buyer’s Premium On Real Estate.  10% Buyer’s Premium On All Personal Property For Cash or Approved Check.  15% Buyer’s Premium On Personal Property For Visa, MasterCard.  6% Sales Tax.  We Do Not Accept Am Express.  Vehicle Title Will Be Held For 10 Business Days If Paid By Check.  All Items Being Sold As Is.