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7296 Canal Street, Willards, MD 21874


Pursuant to power of sale contained in a Mortgage filed for foreclosure in Case No. C-22-CV-18-000098 in the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Maryland, the undersigned Assignees will offer the following described real estate for sale to the highest bidder at public auction to be held at front steps of the Wicomico County Circuit Courthouse, North Division Street Entrance, 101 North Division Street, Salisbury, Maryland, on


TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018, at the HOUR OF 10:00 A.M.


ALL the lot, tract or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the Town of Willards in the Willards Election District of Wicomico County, State of Maryland, located on the Westerly side of and binding upon Canal Street, and being Lot No. 19 on plat of Dr. James Truitt made by J.B. White, Surveyor, dated January 13, 1927, and recorded among the Land Records of Wicomico County in Liber J.C.K. No. 146, Folio 495; AND BEING the same property described in the aforesaid Mortgage.


IMPROVEMENTS:  The property is improved by a residential dwelling known as 7296 Canal Street, Willards, MD 21874, and is identified by tax account number 14-007563.  


TERMS OF SALE:   The property will be sold to the highest bidder at public auction.  The purchaser will be required to tender on account of the purchase price at the time and place of sale cash, certified funds, or check acceptable to the undersigned, in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00).  If the party secured by the Mortgage is the successful bidder, no deposit will be required, and the cash deposit or price shall be credited against the obligation.  The deferred portion of the purchase price shall be evidenced by the Promissory Note of the Buyer, bearing no interest provided settlement is made and the full price tendered on or before fifteen days after the date of ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Maryland; otherwise the deferred portion of the purchase price shall bear interest from the date of sale at the rate of 6% per annum.  Neither the Assignees nor the auctioneer make any representation or warranty concerning the property or the improvements, the same being sold “as is”; and, if for any reason the Assignees are unable to deliver good and marketable title, subject only to easements, rights of way and residential use restrictions of record, the sole and exclusive remedy of the Buyer shall be a refund of the deposit money.  Neither Assignees, auctioneer or note holder are aware of any violation of any federal, state or municipal environmental law or regulation; however, in the event any such violations exist, they are not responsible for same.  All settlement costs, including, but not limited to, document preparation, recordation and transfer taxes, including agricultural transfer tax, if any, recording costs, and title examination, if any, shall be the obligation of the Buyer.  State, County, and municipal property taxes and assessments, shall be adjusted as of the date of sale.   Buyer shall be entitled to possession upon final settlement and payment of the purchase price in full, which shall occur not later than fifteen days after final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Maryland, time being of the essence. 


            FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, please contact the undersigned.


                                                                              John B. Robins, IV, Assignee

                                                                              Christopher S. Robins, Assignee



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